Alchemy 3dc revisited.

Alchemy 3dc revisited.

Coming up with solutions to problems is a large part of our work here at Alchemy 3dc.

The problem.

How can we keep an interesting newsfeed updated regularly when the majority of our projects are top secret. For the last 3 months we have been making props for a new film but we won't be able to post pictures or feature it on our website until its release which could be over a year away.

The solution.

We have been digging in the archives and have decided to do an Alchemy 3dc retrospective. We will pick out some of the models and props we have made in the past 15 years and feature them in our newsfeed. Please be warned some of these images may contain dodgy hair cuts and questionable fashion choices, apologies in advance.

So here we go on a trip down memory lane. Starting with our first ever job 'The Chaos Catapult'.

The Chaos Catapult was commissioned on 25/06/1997 by Ted Stevenson. We were approached with a verbal brief to create a multi player game suitable for corporate/team-building events. The game consisted of many pieces which were hidden as part of a treasure hunt. Once found each piece was returned to a central location and assembled into a large fortress and foam ball flinging catapult.

We constructed the game from a mixture of timber, aluminium and mdf finished in formica.

The job took 3 weeks to complete.